Have a server that’s not great? Here’s a server training program to help

Staffing issues at a restaurant are common. You hired a server. You thought he or she was a great fit, great with the customers, and hard-working, but the person is just not working out. There are several strategies you could take to address the issue.

  • You can talk to the server about the issues you’ve noticed, but that can cause drama and may not end the way you’d hoped.
  • You could give him or her warnings or even fire the server. But, you’ve already invested time and money into hiring and training the server. Do you really want to start over? There’s really no guarantee that the next server you hire will be any better.
  • You could tap into a restaurant server training program to help you mitigate the circumstances. It could also help you learn how to run a profitable restaurant business, from start to finish.

The third option is a straightforward approach, and in our experience it ends up being the best solution for both you and your employee. After all, the end goal is for you to have a great employee who knows how to serve your customers.

So, by offering training, you are giving your server the tools he or she needs to improve their performance without the drama or criticism. You also have multiple training options available, so you can select the one that works best for your staff needs.

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