Have a highly sensitive relationship? Consult a Couple’s Therapist

Often highly sensitive people have too much difficulty in handling their love life, marriage and relationships. They tend to have different perspective and expectations with their partners which may often lead to problems in their relationship. However, there are ways through which you can get rid of your volatile conflict relationship. If you are a highly sensitive person, then you may have some of the below mentioned attributes:

  1. You are slow person and often described as shy
  2. You like spend time with a small group of people
  3. You hate to be a part of the crowd
  4. You get overstimulated by bright colours and loud noises
  5. You easily get hurt
  6. You think deeply about anything which happens with you
  7. You are bothered by scratchy fabrics
  8. You need time to get refreshed.

Being highly sensitive has a major impact in the manner you argue with your spouse. Two sensitive people in a relationship may find out an easy way to communicate, but if one is sensitive and the other is not, then your relationship will be facing some serious challenge.

For instance, in a few relationships, a highly sensitive person may get so overwhelmed and hurt by what their partner says to them during a fight that they will ponder over it for weeks. It goes through their head over and over. And, the spouse of such people may get frustrated, tired and hurt in finding ways to please and change the mind of their sensitive mate. They feel like they are running one-sided relationship. They always feel that their partner is keeping a grudge and doesn’t easily let go of things. Hence, they end up charging their partner with over-reaction.

Hence, it is essential to acknowledge that highly sensitive people don’t tend to hold on grudges on purpose. But, being highly sensitive makes you a turn off. You may need tools to strike an argument so that you both get easily heard. Each of the partner has the right to express their feeling and position in the fight. The tool will assist you to get those things without accidentally leaving the sensitive person hurt or left alone.

So, if you are a sensitive person, then a do favour on yourself and work towards acknowledging and embracing the services of a couples therapist. Get rid of all the usikkerhed i parforhold and get yourself heard by means of a mediator. Remember you are not defective and that there are several ways available for you to compliment your style and revive your relationship. With the help of a couples therapist, you can pick up different communication style and different fighting styles which suits your persona and nature. If you have higher tolerance for volatility, then having someone as educated and simplified as a couples therapist will definitely ease your position and make your relationship better.

So, without wasting a moment, get in touch with a couple’s therapist and heal your damaged relationship in the best possible manner.

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