Go Fish: How to Prepare for Your First Charter Fishing Trip

Did you know that the right prep for the wrong fishing season can be completely useless when trying to catch fish out on the sea?

Whether you’ve been out on the water a million times or it’s your very first experience, planning a charter fishing trip takes preparation and knowledge.

Use this guide to help you go fish the way you hope to: safely and with an impressive yield at the end of the day.

Trip Planning and Booking

Be sure to book your charter in advance, as this gives you the opportunity to get to know your captain.

The captain of the ship, or the company issuing the charter, can give valuable insights to help you prepare for this specific trip.

Get To Know Your Captain

You may be experienced with fishing charters in general, but there is always a learning curve to new waters.

The charter captain can give you information about the types of fish to target. Then they can describe the types of gear and bait that are recommended to bring home the best fishing yield.

As you communicate with your captain, be sure to let them know if additional assistance is required for full beginners. If you are experienced and hope to bring in a more competitive yield, this could be something to communicate as well.

Important Considerations

The season of the year, as well as the weather, are two essential considerations. They will both impact the type of equipment that you should bring on the voyage to catch fish and stay safe.

This is because the season of the year can impact the type of fish you are targeting. For example, in Alabama, red snapper season begins in late May. Both the season and the weather report can give you insight into the conditions out on the water.

The Night Before

The night before your voyage, it is essential to verify that the weather conditions are safe enough to take the charter.

Safety isn’t the only thing that can be put in jeopardy by the weather either. Bad weather can sometimes make it impossible to bring in any fish, making the trip worthless. Checking the weather can be a way of ensuring the trip will be worth your time.

The night before, it is also important to take care of yourself and your body. Get enough sleep and be sure to eat healthy to keep your stomach in a good place for a boat trip. It is also recommended to avoid excessive drinking that may cause a hangover.

Packing List Ideas

These packing tips can save you the hassle of having forgotten something essential out on the charter.

  • An extra set of clothes can come in handy if you are out on the water and unable to dry off sufficiently
  • Sun-proof accessories like sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen are always good to have on hand
  • In the event of rain, you may want a light rain poncho and visor to keep the rain out of your eyes
  • It is easy to get dehydrated and lose energy on the water, so be sure to stock plenty of fresh water and snacks

Go Fish Like a Professional

Use these tips to help you prepare adequately for your next charter expedition. This way, you can go fish on a charter confidently and safely.

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