Creative Wedding Ideas

Weddings are fantastic, and they are even better when they are memorable and unique. This is why almost every wedding planner you would meet wants to pitch you an idea for your wedding that you probably have not heard of or do not even know exists. Creative weddings are more or less the in-thing when it comes to weddings these days. The more creative the wedding, the better the wedding and the more you and your guests would have the most fun at the wedding ceremony. Creative ideas at a wedding are actually not so hard to come by, and here we have 5 great and very creative ways that you can add some uniqueness to your wedding

Customize Your Bouquet

The bouquet is something that is personal to the bride, and she wants to make sure that it is everything that she wants it to be and represent. It is for this reason that it would be a great idea to customize the bouquet. This can be done in any way really it can be with friendship bracelets from a best friend, with pins from sorority sisters gems from family members or even having all your guests present a flower that can be arranged into a bouquet. Having your very own customized bouquet is one of the surest ways of having what is most likely a well-customized wedding.

Let Your Grandmas Be Your Flower Girls

Normally, it is a tradition that your flower girls would be little girls, probably your nieces or children of your closest friends act as your flower girls and the boys can be your ring bearers. Instead of having little kids running around at your wedding, you could simply give it a twist and have your grandparents do this for you. Your grandmothers could be your flower girls while your grandfather could team up as your ring bearers.
Have an unusual receptionCome on; the classic receptions are getting a bit old. You have the usual halls and venues, and the regular receptions are just really very well, regular and tired. Try switching things up with your wedding, have brunch at a waffle house or have your reception at the local bowling alley or, you can even decide to do it at a local soup kitchen and give back to society. These are all unusual and very unique ways of making sure that your wedding is unique.

Consider Having a Food Truck after the Buffet

At weddings generally, after the buffet and with a lot of drinking, there are bound to be a lot of party people who would be left hungry at the end of the day. It would be a fantastic idea if there were some arrangements for food at the end of the night for those who would be staying until the very end of the night. The best thing would be to hire a food truck that would be able to cater to all of your late night guests. A food truck would provide the perfect blend of night foods that would agree very nicely with late night partying guests and what is more, your guests would be eternally grateful for it.

Involve Your Pet

If you are a couple that has pets or loves animals or even if one of you has a pet that the other loves, it would be a great idea if the pet can be incorporated into the actual wedding ceremony. Your dog can actually act as the ring bearer for your ceremony or even as another part of the ceremony. This serves a dual purpose; including something you love into the ceremony and adding a certain level of special entertainment to the ceremony and something that would leave your guests laughing and talking about all throughout the reception and for time to come.

Incorporating creative ideas to your wedding to make it even more special and entertaining is something that would guarantee that your wedding would be talked about until someone can top your performance. These ideas are guaranteed to ensure that your wedding would not only be entertaining but would be memorable as well. Check out these ideas for a creative and memorable wedding.


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