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Asian Games 2018: Light up the Energy of Asia

For the first time, Asian Games was hosted in two exotic cities of Indonesia: in Jakarta, the Nation’s capital town, and Palembang, the city of South Sumatra Province. In addition, the events were also being spread out to places surrounding the two cities including websites in Bandung and other cities at the adjoining states of West Java and Banten.

This year’s Asian Games carries the subject: “Energy of Asia” as Represented at the logo which depicts the Bung Karno Grand National Stadium in Jakarta with the sun in the center being the sign of the Asian Games. The logo illustrates three main facets, which can be: Asia, Sport, and Indonesia. The spirit of”Energy of Asia” itself is embedded at the diversity of cultures, languages, and history that are fused together, creating highly efficient energy fostering the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

Asian Games 2018 also introduced three mascots comprising Indonesia’s most famous animals. BhinBhin was representing Strategy at the shape of the fantastic Cendrawasih or Bird of Paradise wearing a vest with different Papuan Asmat cultural motif. Then, there is Atung representing speed in the form of the swift Bawean Deer wearing a sarong with the traditional tumpal motif out of Jakarta. The last one is Kaka representing Power that’s the One-Horned Rhino wearing a scarf with classic blossom motif typical from Palembang.

Preparations for this significant event are well underway both in Jakarta and Palembang. In the capital city, the Bung Karno National Stadium in the center of Jakarta has been completely refurbished while other Sports arenas continue to be improved and rebuilt, made ready for its many exciting races and contests. The Athletes Village in Kemayoran region is near completion as are also all sports facilities in Palembang. Access roads to sports venues from the athlete village will be cleared and special excursions made available for speed and comfortable commuting for athletes.

On 18th August 2017, simultaneous events were held in Jakarta’s National Monument and Palembang’s BentengKutoBesak. The episode in Jakarta was attended by Indonesia’s President JokoWidodo, also featured magnificent performances including those by Taeyeon and Kim Hyo-Yeon of K-pop group Girls’ Generation. Countdown clocks were introduced at the SelamatDatang Monument at Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, Jakarta, and in front of GeloraSriwijaya Stadium at Palembang.

The 2018 Asian Games torch relay started on 17th July 2018 in the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium in New Delhi that hosted the First Asian Games in 1951. The fire would be generated from a parabolic Mirror directed straight at the sun. The torch would then be taken to the eternal flame in Mrapen, East Java on 18th July and will then be fused with all the glow from the everlasting fire, thus commencing the National Relay. The torch relay was finished at the National Monument in Jakarta on 17th August, Indonesia’s Independence Day.

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