7 Reasons to Get Married in Hawaii


There are about 340,000 destination weddings each year, making up about 25% of marriages. Having a destination wedding can make your special day even more unique and memorable, so it is important that you find the best destinations for your wedding!

One of the most beautiful destinations you can choose is Hawaii. Do you want to learn more about why you should get married in Hawaii for your destination wedding? 

Keep reading these seven reasons why you should choose Hawaii for your wedding destination!

1. Beautiful Destination

One of the main reasons why people choose to get married in Hawaii is that it is one of the most beautiful destinations! When visiting Hawaii for the first time, people refer to it as a piece of paradise. 

When you are in Hawaii, you are surrounded by luxurious beaches. This allows you to plan a beautiful ocean-side wedding ceremony, with the sea breeze blowing and a gorgeous backdrop. 

Hawaii is also known for its gorgeous sunsets. Every night, the sun sets into the ocean, which makes it a gorgeous setting for your wedding ceremony and for your wedding photos. 

2. Great Weather

Another reason why you should plan your destination wedding in Hawaii is that it has amazing weather! Hawaii has plenty of sunshine and blue skies year-round, which makes it easy to plan a destination wedding even during the winter months! 

While Hawaii does have a rainy season, the rain is typically warm and doesn’t last for long. Plus, a little rain is good luck for a wedding and will result in beautiful rainbows accompanying your wedding ceremony.

Most couples plan their destination weddings in Maui, which is one of the sunnier and drier islands. If you need help planning a destination wedding, you can find a Maui Wedding Planner to choose the best location and season for your wedding celebration. 

3. Wedding and Honeymoon Combination

Often, people choose Hawaii as the location for their destination wedding because it allows them to combine their wedding and honeymoon. Hawaii is one of the most romantic places and is a top destination for many couples on their honeymoon.

When you get married in Hawaii, you will not have to travel to find a luxurious and romantic getaway for your honeymoon!

Instead, you can enjoy the rest of your time on a romantic island, surrounded by greenery, waterfalls, incredible beaches, and more. 

4. Diverse Scenery

Next, Hawaii has many different types of scenery, which makes it a great destination for a wedding, no matter your preferences. For example, some people prefer to get married on one of the many incredible beaches in Hawaii. 

Others prefer not to deal with messy sand. Luckily, there are many other beautiful backdrops for a wedding ceremony! These include the amazing Hawaiin sunsets, the green mountains, palm trees, and even beachside lawns. 

This diverse scenery will also provide you with timeless wedding photos. Having these amazing backdrops will give you amazing wedding photos that you will love forever. 

5. Easy to Travel 

Another great perk of planning your destination wedding in Hawaii is that it is easy to travel to. Often, people want a luxurious beach destination wedding. However, many of these luxurious beaches are outside of the country and require a passport to travel to. 

This may prevent many of your family members and friends from being able to attend your wedding! Luckily, Hawaii is in the United States, which makes it much easier to travel to! Because Hawaii is in the United States, it also is much faster to travel to. 

You will not have to worry about spending countless hours on a plane and dealing with jet lag right before your wedding! Instead, you will have a quick plane ride and then you can immediately start enjoying your time on the island. 

6. Rich With Culture

Hawaii is also a place that is rich with culture and traditions, which makes it a meaningful place for you to exchange your vows and plan a wedding ceremony. Many of these traditions can be incorporated into your own wedding, like the exchanging of leis or playing Hawaiian music. 

However, when you are spending time with another culture, you must be respectful and careful not to overstep. To make sure your wedding is respectful of Hawaiian culture, it is best to hire a professional wedding planner in Hawaii!

This way, you can feel the Aloha spirit throughout your wedding ceremony. 

7. Memorable for Everyone

Finally, a destination wedding to Hawaii will provide a memorable experience for everyone who attends your wedding. Your family and friends attending the wedding will be excited to celebrate this new chapter in your life while enjoying a luxurious vacation. 

Getting married in Hawaii provides your loved ones with amazing memories from your weddings. It is a great place for romance and adventure. Plus, your guests can enjoy many exciting activities after your wedding festivities. 

This way, they can use your wedding celebration as an excuse to plan a family vacation and spend even more time on the beautiful island. 

Want to Get Married in Hawaii? 

When you get married and choose to have a destination wedding, it can be difficult to find the best destinations! By getting married in Hawaii, it will be easy to travel to, ensure amazing weather, and will be a memorable experience for you and your wedding guests!

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