5+Things That Will Bring You Spiritual Growth In 2020

When times get tough – as they most certainly are in 2020 – it’s time to look inwards for answers. As many have said, true happiness comes from within, so you should always be working to improve your spiritual health. That said, there’s no shame in looking outwards to find things that make you happy and bolster your state of mind. Whatever brings you joy, it’s important that you gravitate towards it in 2020. Here are 8 things that will bring you spiritual growth this year.

  1. Opening your mind

There are many closed-minded people who move through life without ever trying to understand or enjoy new experiences. Even if you consider yourself to be open-minded, there could be lots of things you’re missing out on because you haven’t thought about them. Why not try finding out the numerology of your name, for example? If you’ve never dabbled in astrology and spirituality before, give it a try – you’d be amazed at how it can create strong, consistent rules for you to live by.

  1. Defining your goals

If you know what you want, it’s that much easier to aim for it and understand how to achieve it. Setting successful, attainable goals for yourself isn’t easy. It takes a mixture of being realistic about your options and shooting for the stars. Begin by writing down a list of things you want to achieve in 2020 and sorting them into “realistic” and “unrealistic” columns. For the realistic goals, write down how you think you can achieve them. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of friends and family on this one!

  1. Loving yourself

Self-hatred is a destructive, negative state of mind. It happens because you get trapped in a negative feedback loop whereby you’re not able to see yourself as others see you. Take a step back and understand that you’re worthwhile and the people around you enjoy your company. Rather than thinking “I’m bad at X”, try thinking “I need to work on X” or “X is not my strong suit right now, but I know I can improve”. That way, you’re taking the emphasis away from negativity.

  1. Putting down the phone

We all know that smartphones have become an essential part of modern life. Some people think that our addiction to our phones is harming us rather than helping us. 2020 could be a good year for you to release your phone’s iron grip over your mental health. If you’re a social media addict or you love to browse up-to-the-minute news feeds, try setting aside your device for an hour or two each day and enjoying something that isn’t technology-based. Walking without your phone is a revelation if you’ve been dependent.

  1. Learning new things

Learning new things goes hand-in-hand with keeping an open mind. If you try to learn a new fact about the world each day, you’ll quickly start to accumulate new and fascinating knowledge. This doesn’t just go for knowledge, of course; you can also apply it to new skills or experiences. Try travelling somewhere you’ve never been before or picking up an entirely new hobby. You’d be amazed how quickly this can boost your mental health and assist in your spiritual growth!

  1. Strengthen your willpower

You’ll invariably become a better person if you learn to resist life’s many temptations and distractions. This can be done through positive self-reinforcement. Every time you decide not to do something that’s potentially tempting or distracting, give yourself a small reward. You can also set aside time during the day to do things that would usually distract you from more important tasks; if you know there’s time for that, you won’t be as tempted to stray from your path.

  1. Be thankful

By reconfiguring your relationship to everything around you and being thankful for what you have, you can improve your spiritual health. Try writing down a few things each day that you usually take for granted. If you’re religious, then this might improve your relationship with your faith. If not, you can write down things in your life that have helped you to get where you are. Being thankful is a cornerstone of spiritual growth; it enables you to view the world in a different, less self-centred way.

  1. Cut out negativity

Many of us struggle through negative relationships because we feel we must. That’s not just applicable to personal relationships; it also goes for professional obligations and acquaintances, too. The truth is that if a relationship is doing you more harm than good, then you should try to cut it out of your life. This is, of course, much easier said than done, and for some this won’t be possible. You can, however, try to reconfigure these relationships so they’re harming you less. Life is too short for negativity.

These are just 8 of the things we think you can do to improve your spiritual growth in 2020. What do you think? Did we miss anything? Do you have any suggestions of your own? Let us know!          

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