2020 Packaging Trend: Frozen Food and Flexible Packaging

Every year there are new trends in packaging that reflect new advancements in the field. In 2020, the latest trend is advanced plastic pouches for frozen foods and flexible packaging. These packages are already picking up steam on shelves and the trend seems ready to go into full force this year. The benefits, especially for frozen foods, make it clear why this option is so popular.

Benefits of Flexible Packaging

Brands are increasingly turning to flexible, plastic pouches as their packaging option of choice. These are some of the benefits that have driven adoption:

  • Easy To Transport: One of the strongest reasons for adopting flexible pouches is how little space they take up in storage and transportation. Compared to rigid packages of similar volume, flexible pouches can be packed in substantially smaller space. That translates directly to cost saving on storage and transportation.
  • Excellent Design Options: Digital printing on plastic pouches gives brands a chance to get creative with designs. Modern printing technology allows very vibrant and high-definition colors and patterns.
  • Very Customizable: The features of flexible, plastic pouches can be adjusted to meet the needs of the product. For example, options like zippers, tear notches and hang holes can all be added. Additionally, the style of packaging can work as a lay-flat pouch or stand-up pouch. Bottom and/or side gussets can also be added.
  • Eye-Catching: Between the unique shape and the impressive printing options, pouches are very eye-catching. Any business team that cares about its product standing out on the shelves should strongly consider flexible pouches.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Flexible pouches typically use fewer resources and energy to produce compared to rigid packaging. Furthermore, the footprint is reduced by lessened transportation requirements. Green packaging is growing more important to consumers. Smart brands are listening to those consumers and making packaging changes.

It is easy to see why so many brands are turning to flexible plastic pouches. They offer an incredible balance of quality and cost savings. Pouches are one of the few packaging options that don’t require sacrifices.

Packing Frozen Goods

Flexible pouches are especially effective for frozen foods. The features mentioned above are helpful for this segment, but the improved shelf-life and quality are particularly important. For frozen food packaging, a good seal is essential to help ensure product freshness. High-quality pouches are able to deliver this in an attractive package that stands out in the frozen section.

Another important feature of flexible pouches is the premium feel of the material. The frozen segment tends to carry a stigma of placing convenience over freshness and quality. However, many brands want to stand out as more premium options. Flexible pouches offer a packaging option that reflects the high-quality of your brand, all at an affordable rate.

Learn More

This trend is sure to be a defining factor in packaging in 2020. Learn more about flexible, plastic pouches and how they could work for your business. This could be your opportunity to get ahead of the crowd and take advantage of the many benefits of pouches first. It is time for your product to stand out on the shelves.


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