Ways To Entertain Guests On Your Wedding

Your wedding day will be your big day, which is why you should not overlook your guests. Not only is the dance and the open bar enough, it is also essential you take into account, the most played songs in recent times, and also the classics. Below, we want to propose several ways to entertain your friends and families during the occasion.

Photo Booth

A fantastic and increasingly booming idea is to have a photo booth during the dance. Thus, the guests will have a snapshot that they can keep as a souvenir of your wedding day. With a copy of the photo, you can leave a dedication in an album, as to always have a memory of the people who accompanied you on such a big day. To this, you can add a videomation, so that your family and friends can leave you personalized video messages. It will be a way for them to have fun and also to have some beautiful memories.


It has to be a dance that your guests will always remember as fun and for what they enjoyed. You must decide what your first song as husband and wife would be. Ideally, choose a meaningful song with rhythm in the case of choosing to dance to something original, or classical, depending on what the Lancaster pa wedding dj you hired offer. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with the song and the chosen rhythm. It has to be a very entertaining dance you will always remember.


It is not only entertaining but also very romantic. It is an extraordinary idea to do this at your wedding. Do you want to make it even more special? You and your guests should write that wish which you want to come true.  This is also a beautiful way to decorate the sky which will allow you to have beautiful photographs of the moment.

Book Of Signatures

Here, we have to pull creativity and originality. For example, you can create a space dedicated exclusively to the book of signatures with all the accessories that guests can use, from colored pens, stamps, stickers, or, try to create the tree of desires, using a tree created by yourself in which your guests will hang their best wishes for the new life you are going to start. Besides, it will be a memory that will always accompany you.

Bouncy Castle And Other Children’s Games

You can’t overlook entertaining the little ones so that the older ones can be more carefree and have fun. It can be an inflatable castle, some mats, or other games with which children can also boast of your great day.

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