Menorca: a whole package of beauty and experiences for your getaway  

Beauty, comfort and a lot of refreshing experiences that any traveler would love in order to forget about the daily stress of the city-dwellers routine. That’s what Menorca is all about. With a surface of just 696.7 km² this Spanish island packs up a whole lot of choices in every kind of experience for different kind of travelers who want to enjoy its welcoming atmosphere of tranquility, warm sun and exquisite cuisine.

Location will always be the key for the best travel experience, and this island doesn’t fail to offer a variety of options on accommodations for every kind of traveler; from small hostels in town to the exuberant beauty of the luxury villas in Menorca, any traveler can freely choose the option that best fits their budget for the trip without having to give up on any of the other experiences that this summer paradise has to offer.

Exploring the island’s main cities (Mahon and Ciutadella) is a highly recommended starting point for your trip, as the colonial architecture beauty of the streets invites you to discover its hidden treasures on every corner; restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and many shops that will offer a warm welcome and attention for any traveler that steps in. Culinary exploration is also one of this island’s strongest points, as it is very well known for its wine and cheese farms; you can’t say you visited this island without making a stop to try out these local delicacies. Local lobster (and seafood in general) is also a very well scored dish amongst both tourists and locals, having different specialties on every restaurant.

For those who fancy a unique tour into the island’s hidden coves booking themselves into a Kayak expedition in Es Grau is a must do. Crystal clear bright blue ocean inside the white stone of the cliffs, and the chance to see all the oceanic life beneath the pristine surface as you explore the Mediterranean island’s waters is just one of the few ways to see part of all the wild beauty in Menorca. The options on the land don’t fall behind, as the stunning beauty of Menorca’s biodiversity can be enjoyed on hiking and biking trips or tours that can be found around the island, thus giving the travelers to enjoy both oceanic and land beauty.

Finishing your afternoon with drinks within the cliffs is also one of the best things to do while at Menorca; Cova D’En Xoroi offers you an unique experience where you  can watch the sunset over the ocean while comfortably drinking local drinks or cocktails. Menorca will surely offer any visitor a well set activity for every hour of the day.

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