Kids, Drones and STEM Learning Benefits 


Regardless of if a child’s birthday is coming up, Christmas, or another special occasion, parents searching for that perfect gift should consider a drone. Not only are these popular and fun, but they also provide STEM (science technology, engineering, and mathematics) enrichment, which are all crucial parts of any child’s education. While finding activities that encourage STEM learning is somewhat challenging, drones provide this benefit and more.


To fly, drones require the use of specific aerodynamics. The way that the propellers spin determines the way the drone moves or turns in a three-dimensional space. Properly maneuvering drones requires practice and it teaches children to better understand aerodynamics.

Critical Thinking and Cognitive Development 

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing drones from hobby shops like Big Whale is that there are options for any environment. There are drones that can be used inside and others that are used outside. Regardless of where they are flown, a child learns to react to the environment or flight patterns, which improves their cognitive reasoning skills. They will also gain a better understanding of things like cause and effect.

Introduction to Electronics and Coding

After a child becomes comfortable flying the drone with their remote control, they can begin trying out more advanced types of drone flying. For example, if the child learns code, they can program a drone to fly in specific patterns. This also allows them to become more familiar with the internal workings of the drone that make it work.

The Popularity and Growth in the Drone Industry 

Drone sales are projected to continue increasing. For example, in 2016 sales were just 1.9 million per year. However, by the end of 2020, this number is projected to surpass the 7 million point.

When a person buys a drone, there are several qualities they need to consider before making a purchase. For example, what is the child’s capabilities? If they are a beginner, they may not need a drone that features all the bells and whistles and a starter option may be best.

Remember, most kids are easy to please and having the chance to fly a drone is going to be enough. As they become more proficient with the drone and how it works, they can get more advanced technology. This is a hobby they can use now and later in life.

Buying a Drone: It’s a Smart Investment

As anyone can see from the information here, a drone is a great gift for any child, regardless of their age or skill set related to flying the drone. Be sure to keep this in mind when making this purchase. Sometimes it is best to choose a more affordable option and to ensure that the child is going to be interested in the drone.

After purchasing, a child is going to see all the benefits mentioned here and more. Be sure to find a quality hobby shop to buy from, as this is going to ensure a quality drone is purchased. Being informed is the best way to get a quality drone for any child.

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