How To Build A Classic Man’s Wardrobe

In this era of trends, we must ensure that we are looking good, and we must be able to flaunt what we possess. The same goes for the case of a man as well. A man needs a foundation which is directly accessible and at any time. It is nothing but the wardrobe which will ensure that he becomes the cherry of everyone’s eyes for all occasions. You just a need a proper eye for being the style icon. And for this, you must put all the necessary garments in the wardrobe. For purchasing any clothes or if you want to improve your wardrobe collection, you must use DealVoucherz coupons. It would help you to get enough discounts on branded garments as well. This is exclusive for the people in Australia.

  • Long-Sleeved Shirt + Shorts-Well, to stay classy in the hot weather, you must choose something different. What is better than shorts and matching it with long sleeved shirts. It will help your bare legs to breathe, keeping you in a perfect look. Always look for light colours in summer, or you can choose a blend of cotton and linen. The tailored shorts are a good deal with the summer shirts. Do roll up the sleeves which increase the sense of style.
  • Polo Shirt + Chinos-A holiday or a vacation dress code can’t get better without a polo shirt mixed with chinos. Always look for polo with sleeves that usually hug. But see that it does not squeeze your body. Also, see that the polo end with the mid-bicep. For the chinos part, do see that the lower part is slim. Do not let your trousers fly. The chinos you choose should be slim, or it should have a straight-cut. To sport a more stylish look, do pair with a loafer when you go under the sun.
  • Blazer+Jeans+Tee- Well, you should know what smart casual is. This would give you a comfortable look along with a sense of style as well. If you are going for a dinner date, try to sport a single breast blazer with a neck T-shirt. And for the bottom part, denim or dark jeans would give you a fitting look. Do polish the leather belt and pair with a Derbies or Chelsea boots.
  • Blazer+ Oxford Shirt + Chinos-This combination is a happy pairing. It will give you a spectacular look from head to toe. When you pair beige chinos with a navy blazer, you will look awesome. However, if you prefer black blazer, you must match it up with dark grey legwear. Now remains the shirt part which must be in accordance with the blazer. A slim fit shirt will give you a sophisticated look.
  • Leather Jacket +tee +Jeans-There is always a glamour about a leather jacket. If you are going for a bike ride, the leather jacket is must especially on long bike rides. Pair it with a light-coloured tee or a monochrome T-shirt. And you can choose denim jeans with high top sneakers or Chelsea boots. You can also switch for a bomber jacket
  • Leather Jacket + Shirt +Trousers-You always don’t need a leather jacket to look like one of the members of the Ramones. You can look for a T-shirt with drainpipe jeans. You can also look for a simple cotton shirt. The low-cut trousers can do an excellent job for you, and this can do your job for various occasions as well.
  • Crew Neck Jumper + Collared shirt-When there is wind, you must be a little aware. There comes a jumper which would save you. Hence it is a must for your wardrobe collection. Along with the jumper, you must put on a collared shirt. You must try to look for a fitting short which would help you to match with the jumper. Try to wear jeans and sneakers and look sharp. And of course, do remember that shoe matters.

So, do try out new looks and keep a good wardrobe collection. It will help you to go out for any kind of occasions. Try to change the look according to seasons and stock your collection as per the trend that is going on. You may also try to give a variant look by wearing hats or caps in summer. Therefore, venture the fashion market and choose what fits you the best.

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